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Monthly Wheelbase Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Carina Schuck
Sorry everyone about the video, you should be able unmute now and be able to speak.
Eileen Gailloreto
But Insurance did go from nightly to daily...
Eileen Gailloreto
However, if the renter made a change on an existing reservation, the insurance was increased
Carina Schuck
Hi Eileen, insurance have been per day for Wheelbase and Outdoorsy package price for about 2 years now, so this should have not gone up recently
Roman Benko
is there a way the insurance team can put up a guide for contactless deliveries with no renter present? this is majority of our deliveries
Carina Schuck
@Wade wanna double check this with Product team that is working on this but I wanna say it will take the rental tax that is set as a default
Justin Colbert
Please confirm that OD will not call my insurance company after they mandate OD insurance coverage
Camila Ramirez
When will the custom insurance bundles be rolled out? July 11th as well?
Justin Colbert
Thanks team. Appreciate the thorough coverage of all of these changes.